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Why I started The Backyard Farmer

Your self-sustainability is actually very easy to achieve and is a great feeling every step you take towards it. I started thinking about different ways I could be more self-sufficient about a year ago when my wife told me aboutĀ  a cool idea called aquaponics. Now I have jumped into a lifestyle with both feet that is full of fun projects, creativeness, and feelings of accomplishment. I think everybody strives to be self-sustaining in one way or another and what IĀ  am trying to do is give you the ideas that will take you there. Stay with me and check back often, because I will show you ways to utilize little things around your house that will actually helps you live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. From saving your food scraps to collecting all your raked up leaves and grass clippings, I will show you more productive ways to utilize those things you would normally throw away.
Even more of a reason to farm in your backyard and learn aquaponics, please bear through the commercial

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